Hacienda Groves are curated communities redefining modern living throughout Texas.
Crafted by Starred Sky Development, each community offers homesites featuring modern modular homes designed by the famed Lake l Flato Architects. Each home is produced by HiFAB, a Texas-based, modular manufacturer.

Each home utilizes an interchangeable building process of two or three modules which allow for a reduced construction timeframe and are uniquely constructed with state-of-the-art insulation efficiencies, high-end finishes, and eco-friendly materials.
HiFAB’s standardized process reduces material overage, and eliminates weather-related delays and construction defects, allowing for a move-in ready home much quicker than traditional builds – sometimes in a matter of weeks.
When Lake l Flato created its own architecture firm in 1984, the company had a number of strong ideas about what kind of buildings they wanted to design. Lake l Flato believed first and foremost that architecture should be rooted in its particular place, responding in a meaningful way to the natural or built environment. Using local materials and partnering with the best local craftsmen, Lake l Flato sought to create buildings that were tactile and modern, environmentally responsible and authentic, artful and crafted.
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HiFAB Homes are modern modular homes sustainably constructed inside HiFAB’s certified building factory under controlled and efficient conditions and then transported to your home site. HiFAB’s high design homes are built to all applicable state and local building codes similar to the way traditional site-built homes are constructed.
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Starred Sky Development collaborates with award-winning architects and builders to provide turn-key housing and site planning. Licensed by the State of Texas as an industrialized builder, we work with builders and architects to create simple, tasteful and modern respite for families, working professionals and retirees seeking balance in the country. Our homes are not designed for people who want to duplicate large-scale city living. We are designing a multi-sensory experience where people can hear the birds sing, smell the flowers, feel the wind and clearly see the stars at night.
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