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Introducing clusters of modern, modular haciendas designed by Lake | Flato, produced by HiFAB, and curated by Starred Sky Development.
Every Hacienda Grove community is design-forward and redefines modern living.
Carefully considered homesites ensure that each land parcel is low-impact and complements the natural rolling hills, views, and sunlight. Every detail has been carefully considered to pay homage to the land’s vast Texas history.

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NOW AVAILABLE near round top

The newest Hacienda Grove development is underway in the Tree Tops subdivision located just 4 miles north of Round Top and directly across The Halles, the famed headquarters for all designers and dealer spaces which showcases all the makers & artisans and welcomes visitors & locals alike.



Our inaugural phase of haciendas in Wimberley, TX is now available for sale. Contact us today to learn more about Hacienda Grove Wimberley and explore our available lots and floor plans. We are excited to offer private showings (by reservation only) and look forward to you becoming one of the elite to call Hacienda Grove home. 

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haciendas for sale

Starred Sky exclusively represents HiFAB in Central Texas and the Hill Country, and can assist with a purchase and site preparation of a hacienda on your own land.

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